Shy guy Ibrahim Khan (Saif’s son and Sara’s brother) makes a dash for his car at a theatre in Juhu! Bonus: Siblings Day throwback


Saif’s son Ibrahim is always in a hurry!! 😲😲 The dude (a carbon copy of his popsy) comes across as a shy kinda guy and we love him for that!! Never the one to stop and pose (except a few times)… Ibrahim has always been camera shy. The cameras spotted him a few nights back leaving a theatre in Juhu. The star kid made a dash to his car, waiting from him exactly at the steps of the theatre where he could hop in and zip off into the night 😜😜 BONUS VIDEO: Another glimpse of this SHY GUY is from a couple of years back when he popped up to Saif and Kareena’s Christmas Party. He came out at the gate of Fortune Heights (yep that’s the name of Bebo and Saif’s apartment in Bandra… geee so much gyaan y’all get from us na😜😜) first. Ibrahim had a few awkward moments as the media peeps went click click click while he waited for the driver… eventually making his way out with Sara and bundling up in the car!! 😀😀 These cutesy throwback glimpses of Sara and Ibrahim are purrrfect for Siblings Day!! ❤️❤️

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