At the point when Shah Rukh Khan Called Aamir Khan’s Promotions For 3 Idiots A ‘Chhichhorapan’ and Perfectionist Replied Back In Style


The stories of the virus war between Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are notable. It appears as, in the previous barely any years, the condition between the two is great and everything is well between them. However, do you recollect a discussion that occurred over the limited time technique of 3 Idiots? All things considered, in the event that you don’t, how about we look into it (carefully for diversion reason as it were).

For the unversed, Aamir Khan headed out to various locales of India while concealing his genuine character. Consolidating various symbols, Aamir met a few people and advanced 3 Idiots. Tending to the equivalent, a correspondent asked Shah Rukh Khan, on the off chance that he would follow Aamir’s promoting methodology for My Name Is Khan and the appropriate response that followed, overwhelmed everybody.

Shah Rukh Khan stated, “Ye ek kisam ka chhichhorapan lagta hai.” He further included that it sometimes falls short for the individuals of Aamir Khan’s height and he could never follow such showcasing tricks. In the wake of hearing those words, nobody would have anticipated Mr. Fussbudget to be quiet and he returned with a hard-hitting answer.

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