30 Of The Most Wholesome Responses To The ‘Didn’t Want A Dog’ Challenge


Snuggling up next to your beloved pet on the couch is what the cold season should be all about. Of course, far from everyone wants to have an animal in their homes and their lives. They think they might be too busy for a pet. Or that taking care of them might be too hard. That’s what they think—at first. But when they finally got the dog, all doubts left their minds and they became lifelong friends.

People are sharing their wholesome stories about their dogs and their loved ones’ pets under the ‪#‎didntwantadogchallenge‬ hashtag on the Dogspotting Society public Facebook group that has over 1 million members. These stories are bound to improve your mood and make you want to rescue a dog if you don’t already have a best boy or girl at home. Don’t forget to upvote the pics that made you smile the most and scroll down for Bored Panda’s insightful interviews about how to make new pets feel right at home and for our chat with a member of the Dogspotting moderator team.

The Dogspotting team confirmed to Bored Panda that it’s their community members who are being proactive and creating the wholesome challenges by themselves. When you’re done soaking in all the positive vibes from this list, have a look through our previous posts about people who didn’t want any ‘darn’ canines in their lives but quickly changed their minds right here and here. Oh, and check out our posts about the Dogspotting community here and here.

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